The Mystic
It is a word which often returns in the remarks of Father Thévenon. Far away from the modern direction which one usually gives to it.
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Father Marcellin Fillère
Founder of a movement for young people and of a journal, Father Thévenon was his disciple and took from him his sacerdotal vocation.




Fœderis Arca

By preaching faith is born
Father Thévenon wrote in 1970 : ‘What is in question, and today more than ever, is faith. And behind faith, is preaching, because faith is born from preaching.' (Rom 10 :17)
‘There was a time, still near, where, without the knowledge, we sought Christ and his Kingdom. But preachers left us to hunger. They did not dare. In its place they served to us their insipid chattering on morals, culture, peace, justice, love, freedom, …'
This sentence could be written by many. Twenty five years ago (1), Father Fillère, in his book "Mystique d'unité et Apostolat Moderne", already spoke about these ‘adapted' preachers who decreased the originality of the gospel,  while passing over the dogmas in silence, avoiding strictly religious and denominational expressions, defending a Christianity without God or Christ, preaching a secularized gospel, brought back to a wise moralism.'

An expression of charity
For Father Thévenon as for Father Fillère, the announcement of the word of God by itself, in all its strength and integrity, was the very expression of the Christian charity. It was the means of communicating to her brothers, Christ crucified and resurrected, the source of all other good.

Father Fillère had created (with Father Richard), the journal "L'Homme Nouveau" (2), the mission camps of the "Cité des jeunes", the movement "Propagande pour l'Unité", etc …
Father Thévenon did not cease with sometimes ridiculous means to announce the Christ. He thus created in 1974 the bulletin "Fœderis Arca", a simple photocopied sheet.The title "Fœderis Arca" was not new, it had already been used in 1965 for a series of training cards intended for the prayer group that he had founded in Paris (Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre)
Why Fœderis Arca ?
Fœderis Arca is  "l'arche d'alliance" (The Ark of the Covenant). In the mind of Abbot Thévenon, the ark of alliance is both the ark of Noah and the ark that came with the Hebrew people in their forty years of wandering in the dessert. One and the other prefigure the Church that is also the ‘boat of Peter', God's home among men.
The Logo
Thus was born the logo of Fœderis Arca : ‘On a background, the color of sun, an anchor takes shape, a symbol of hope. The base of the anchor, outlines the boat of Peter, the Church which the cross of Jesus, the Christ, surmounts, our single hope' (3)
Fœderis Arca imposed itself like a vector of communication and of propagation of the word of God.

(1)  In 1945
(2)  Today, bimonthly journal, available on the site : http://www.hommenouveau.fr/
(3)  Writings 22/2/1983