The Mystic
It is a word which often returns in the remarks of Father Thévenon. Far away from the modern direction which one usually gives to it.
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Father Marcellin Fillère
Founder of a movement for young people and of a journal, Father Thévenon was his disciple and took from him his sacerdotal vocation.



Father Thévenon at home

The house
From left to right, the door of the chapel (hardly visible behind the bush), that of the barn, the window and the door of the guest room.
In this old building, Father Thévenon had established his ‘room'.
In the early years, he used the ground floor (an old cattle shed) to work, but the dampness made him leave for the living room of the dwelling. He continued however to sleep here in the attic.
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The arrangement of the attic
One sees the attic where he had arranged his room. One sees above, under the roof, the tent canvas which served as partitions.

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The inside of the ‘room'
On the right, the wall of the attic ; above, the roof and on the left, the tent canvas, visible from the outside on the preceding photo. Two walls and two canvases form the four partitions of the dwelling.

Father Thévenon at his table
He took his meals here and worked here surrounded by his books. The room was the common room when he received guests.
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The guest room
It included two beds on each side and a wood stove which he lit in the morning when he received friends. The room was filled with books like almost all the others ;
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The path of the hermit
It was the path which passed in front of his house, it led in to the forest to a place called "l'Hermitière". He liked to walk here. At night, when he suffered from asthma, it was here where he took short walks to recover his breath and to devote himself to his reflections.
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